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(to my dear Shadow I love you dear ^//////^ Sorry if it's a little cheesy >/////> )


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Life isn't something you should waste upon thinking about the down or negative sides..there are other things out there to that are yet to be explored.
Love,passion,happiness,laughter,comfort,and being able to go out and adventure to places we never seen
Yeah it has it has its bad moments but in the end it balances out with the good ones too
We take each moment in our life for granted but remember we only live would you spend it?
Just sitting there by the computer all day? When you could go out and make a new friend or meet your true love who could be right next door but not even know it?
Time is ticking and you never know when the time will come
no one does but thats what makes it more exciting^^
Live life to fullest and be grateful for what you got
Well if your reading this its obviouse you got food and a roof over your head so you technically you have what you need to survive right?
So why not try to use this life to help those who aren't as lucky as us?
The ones who have no food,water,a home,a mom or a dad and have to live off on their own or take care of someone younger them at a young age?
Life is short and life goes on
so don't live off the past and move forward
The past is the reason why you are you and if you want to change you can do it
it just requires a little effort
but if anyone can do it you can
So what are you sitting around for? stand up and live,laugh and think of everyone around besides yourself just this once..


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United States
A wish come true by winterwolf227love u by winterwolf227warm and cuddly by winterwolf227my newborn daughter X///3 by winterwolf227My newborn son X///3 by winterwolf227

Request: Wedding Day by JutsuGal1208<----:iconjutsugal1208: made this^///^
Teehee^^ I love sweets^^ If you give me something sweet and tasty to eat I will treasure it forever in my tummy ;P
Hey everyone!:D so what can I say about myself? Hmmm. Well I:
Love animals
I'm a 16 year old girl
loves roses, forget-me-nots, and camellias^^
likes to listen to different types of music
chocolate lover, and a cheese lover too :D
Hispanic and American^^
loves adventure, action, comedy,and some romance movies
My name is unknown. The only way I will ever tell you is A. I know you B. I trust, and I mean REALLY trust you. In other words if I known you for a long time. So until then you can just call me winter.
loves the color blue,green,black,red,and white. But if I had to choose one I would choose blue :D
I'm a very crazy and random person :P
My friends say I'm funny so I'll just include that.
Like reading fiction novels.
Loves to sing, but not in public. I'm to shy too.
Like to draw and write stories.
loves wolves
and a bit of a romantic
:iconnotweirdstamphaf1plz::iconnotweirdstamphaf2plz::iconkirbystamp1plz::iconkirbystamp2plz::iconsasukestamp1plz::iconsasukestamp2plz:Ne-Yo Stamp by ditto9Being Gay It's Ok - Stamp by justnineteen
:icontoolazy1::icontoolazy2:Points, Love, Llamas Stamp by fear-the-brilliance:iconilovestuffstamp1::iconilovestuffstamp2::icondream1plz::icondream2plz:
:iconwe-love-akamaru::iconteam-kurenai::iconkonohaparadise::iconanythingartforanyone:[ Stamp ] Kiba Inuzuka by TheAssbuttNamedYuba
My dA Family^^ :iconaawplz:
Me: :iconwinterwolf227:
My dear loving husband and forever love: :iconshadowb12: :heart: :iconloveyouplz:
My sisters: :iconxxangelthxx: and :iconxxmidnightxwolfxx: and :iconfallowsingerwolf::iconshadowfangirl4evr::icon10-02-96:
My secret agent and ninja XD: :iconxxmidnightxwolfxx:
My innocent and silly sis: :iconxxangelthxx:
My sweet and kind sister:iconawwwplz: :icon10-02-96:
My friend irl and my little fluffy bunny X3: :iconsupertonton11:
My brother: :iconskarabog: :iconrandomguy233: :icontitushedgehog24:
My older and funny brother^^ :iconxxxnightthewolfxxx:
cousin: :iconlovelylawliet:
pet kitty: :icongoddess-of-revenge:
if you want to join don't be afraid to ask^^ And if anyone mess with them you better get ready to run :chainsaw:
:iconiluvyou::iconlove::iconmrhellz::iconwuvplz::iconheart-plz::iconhihilove::iconlovepinkplz::iconmecutelove::iconbeautifulheartplz::icontinyheartplz::iconfloatingheartplz::iconbeatingheartplz::iconredheartplz::icongimmeheartplz::iconkissingplz::iconlv2plz::iconchocolateheartplz::iconthe-heart::iconcuteheartplz::icontftdwplz::iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz::iconmyloveplz::iconhyperplz::iconlovetigerplz::iconmyloveplz::iconiluvyou::icontinyheartplz::iconlvplz::iconlv2plz::iconhihilove::iconyaylove::iconrelaxlove::iconhehelove::iconcutieelove::iconnailove::iconbabalove::iconmecutelove::iconlove::iconloveredplz::iconloveorangeplz::iconloveyellowplz::iconlovegreenplz::iconloveblueplz::iconlovepurpleplz::iconlovepinkplz::iconlovewhiteplz::iconloveblackplz::iconlovebrownplz::iconthanxsomuchplz::iconteamoplz::icontardsinloveplz::iconcrushplz::iconcocoloveplz::iconinluvplz::iconlovehugplz::heart::iconbloodyheartplz::iconmrplz::iconrainbowheartplz1::iconrainbowheartplz2::iconrainbowheartplz3::iconwings-of-a-messiah::iconsaifdesign::iconbugplz::iconimbishieplz::iconawwloveplz::iconpinkheartplz::icon3plz::iconhightonight::icondollface156::iconrafaxdplz::iconrafakissplz::iconrafanoidplz::iconrafainsanityplz::iconrafanoesplz::iconemotionkingdom::iconloveemoteplz::iconlovepowerplz::iconlovesplz::iconsexyheartplz::iconpyongiluplz::iconloveyouplz::iconthanxsomuchplz::iconteamoplz::icontardsinloveplz::iconcrushplz::iconcocoloveplz::iconinluvplz::iconlovehugplz::heart::iconwubplz::iconlovelyplz::iconluv1plz::iconluv2plz::iconrainbowheartplz::iconheart4uplz::icontnx4favplz::iconthankslove::iconsecretadmirerplz::iconlvplz::iconloveredplz::iconcuteheartsbegin::iconcuteheartsplz::iconcuteheartsend::iconyoureverywelcome::iconaheartforyou::iconheartfaveplz::iconrainbowheartplz1::iconrainbowheartplz2::iconrainbowheartplz3::iconrainbowheartplz3::iconwings-of-a-messiah::iconsaifdesign::iconcicikissplz::iconsaranghaeplz::iconbugplz::iconpinkheartplz::iconomgsocuteplz::iconlovesplatplz::iconrubygloomheartplz::iconluffj00: <---I have no idea why I posted so many hearts I just wanted to..don't you dare judge me XD but I'll leave it up fpr you guys^^ Let's just say it means how much I care about you all^^

Here is some anime I watched before:
Fate stay night
Fate stay night unlimited blade works
Fate Zero
Carnival Phantasm
Shugo Chara
Sonic X
Naruto Shippunden
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
wolf's rain
To-Love-Ru (soon^^)
Fairytale (Now^^)
Bleach (soon^^)
Kamisama Hajimemashita (soon)
Special A (half way there^^)
Shin Angyo Onshi (soon)
Please help me find more to watch thanks ;P
Team by xXAngelTHXxBest sisters by xXAngelTHXxShadowXwinter (winadow) by xXAngelTHXx <---the gang and I made by my sis :iconxxangelthxx:

Sonic pairings:
ArtTrade for BloomPhantom by sonamy-25Merry Christmas by HellodySomething Beautiful~ by Pearloddysseyooh babyy, you make my heart beat faster than mee~ by chibiirosePrincess is my hero by chibiiroseAT: Caught in a Moment by SkyTheMoonWarrior

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